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Our Philosophy 

Our directors Angela Amoroso, Miah Nwosu and Drew Skinner and creative team all agree… Environment Matters! 

All children develop and enfold in their own unique time. There are continuous rises and plateaus throughout childhood and young adult life. Supporting young people by offering nurturing and creative programs with inspirational activities to enrich their lives is the healthy choice.

Placing young children in stressful environments diminishes their ability to learn. When a young person is subjected to highly competitive, extra-curricular activities and academics before they have had the opportunity to develop the necessary emotional intelligence, we find chronic stress “perpetually leaking” stress hormones into their systems. This is what challenges the immune, digestive, and nervous systems producing a plethora of health challenges such as stomachaches, weight gain or loss, behavior disorders and so much more.

The performing arts were meant to inspire balance - physically, mentally and emotional - offering integration with the right and left hemispheres of the brain for higher learning. Simply, at Scripps Performing Arts Academy we inspire learning from the inside out, rather than trying to motivate students from the outside in. 

Growing up with a balanced, performing arts curriculum will develop a child’s natural abilities promoting core strength, mental focus and the necessary emotional intelligence. Ultimately, we create an environmental advantage that will support their overall lifetime achievements and unlimited potential.

Our results; simply generations of young people who are happy, successful, life-long learners!


A humankind abandoned in its earliest formative stage, becomes its own greatest threat to its survival.”
Maria Montessori, M.D.

The Scripps Performing Arts Academy is a quality professional training facility for ballet, theatre, dance and music that provides a creative environment that instills self-confidence, self-esteem and teamwork without sacrificing the core values of dance as an art form. We utilize age appropriate costumes and choreography. We produce beautiful and meaningful dance and musical theatre productions in lieu of dance competitions and year-end, lengthy recitals. We invite you to try our programs and Experience the Difference!

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